Upcoming Events

  1. March
    Daniel Fast
    March 1st - April 16th
    As a church body we will participate in a 40 day Daniel Fast. This year's theme is "Financial Freedom"! There is a daily, 10 minute call with Pastor Jones, and we also have Fast Friendly recipes located on our website.
  2. 25
    Young Adult Ministry - Worship Experience
    Do you know the true meaning of worship? What does worship look like to you? Join our Young Adult Ministry (Y.A.M.s), as they display worship in their way!
  3. 16
    Easter Sunday
    More information to come.
  4. 27-29
    Annual Spring Institute - Your Church Covenant
    6:30 pm - 8:30 pm (each evening)
    Join Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Sapp Jones, for 3 nights, in the sanctuary, as she brings forth information in regards to our church covenant. See You There!
Y.A.M. Worship Experience